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The Rolex Submariner was introduced at the 1954 Basel Fair. The Submariner was the first truly water resistant watch. That first production model (reference 6204) was water resistant to 200 meters, and immediately became the de facto diver's watch. Not surprisingly, the 1955 Basel Fair saw Submariner clones from leading brands, a trend which has not abated after 51 years! -- the Submariner is the most copied watch extant (not to mention outright fakes). The Submariner has evolved over the years, with many interim model reference numbers, dial variations, and other aspects which make collecting Submariners fun and interesting. Today, in 2005, vintage Rolex Submariners are not only popular, they are also attractive investments. Vintage Rolex Submariners pay historical witness to the evolution of not only dive watches, but to the evolution of Rolex itself and to diving in general. The Rolex Submariner is a special watch, and the popularity of the modern models is overshadowed only by the fascinating world of vintage Submariners.  
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